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The Crystal Power Tarot by Jayne Wallace

I finally found myself a second deck and am loving it.  From the gentleness of my panda deck (click on the link for my review) to the upbeat optimism of the Crystal Power Tarot (Jayne Wallace, CICO books, illustrated by Roberta Orpwood).  I’m more into crystals than tarot (although tarot gets more of my time) so I was interested in how a deck combining the two would work.  Oh, this was a good decision, a worthy investment indeed – more so the time and agonising that went into the decision to get it and then the time and energy (thankfully no agonising) into getting to know the deck than the actual monetary price of it.  

Two decks snugly inside the box

The box was frustrating me.  It’s lovely and sturdy but there was an insert that the cards sat in and I couldn’t really get them in and out without worrying about damaging them.  In the end I threw out the insert and put my other deck in there with these – the guide book lives separately.  I edged the cards myself (with purple metallic marker and not my neatest work) they came with white edges.

The guide book is lovely, a decent 64-page guide all in English.  The front cover has the same design as the box.  Colour representations of the cards are given with their description; a page each for the majors, 2 minors per page.  The suits are colour coded.  I love the incorporation of the crystals and their properties are given in the book too.  I enjoyed reading the accompanying guide.  It explains the images and the crystals (more so for the majors, they each have their own crystal whereas Ace – 10 of a suit share a crystal and the court cards of a suit share a separate crystal).   Each of the cards contains a “Power message”, a positive summary of the card.  These I find really useful and informative.  The explanations of the pip cards in the guide book resonate with me & I feel this knowledge will enhance my reading of other decks too. 

And so onto using the cards…  Directional backs so once again I don’t need to concern myself with reversals.  And here’s the downside – these cards are huge!  At 80 x 131 mm, they’re too big for my hands and I think the size makes them feel flimsy even though actually they’re thicker than my other deck (as can be seen by the fact that this is a similar depth to my panda deck inside their box).  The size also makes shuffling hard, I’ve resorting to turning them 90 degrees to shuffle and that makes me clumsy.  I don’t read jumpers from this deck; I’m thinking I’d never get to actually draw any cards otherwise! 

Sunstone associated with The Sun tarot card

I was especially relieved to see Sunstone as the stone associated with “The Sun” (“I am optimistic and appreciate all I have“).  This stone harnesses the joy and brightness of the sun, I’d expect this pairing to be a given but that’s not the case in all crystal themed tarot decks.  Thankfully this deck has it right for me. I can forgive the rainbow moonstone (aka white labradorite) for “The Moon” (“my intuition guides me to the right decision“) because the iridescent sheen of this crystal is appealing and moonlike.  Selenite (named after the Greek moon goddess Selene, so a more knowledgeable friend reliably informs me) has instead been assigned to “The Hanged Man” (“I can see this situation another way“).  Once I know more about crystals I’m going to revisit the pairings and maybe investigate other decks to see how they compare (I go off to buy the crystal unicorn tarot but missed by a word and instead buy the crystal unicorn colouring book – that’s a story for another day!).

The Tower (“I surrender and know how to go forward“) is actually one of my favourite cards in this deck. The falling figures seem to be in protective bubbles and there are seeds of new hope planted.  I did a single card reading for a friend and drew “The Devil” (“I am free of whatever is holding me back“).  She was happy with the reading, an unusual sentiment for “The Devil” but this is no ordinary deck!

The Devil and The Tower with their Power Messages

I love the way that everything’s phrased positively although that does have me a little stumped as to how to use them in a “what to avoid” card position.   I wonder if this makes them less versatile than other decks.  There aren’t pictures on the pip cards which is an interesting experience, sometimes I find myself visualising the image of a different deck to put the card into context.  If someone says “3 of swords” to me, I absolutely picture a pierced heart.  These cards are definitely going to add a new dimension to my reading abilities!  And to my crystal studies and that, of course, is another story for another day.

Beautiful Colours of the Major Arcana

Author: Jayne Wallace
Artist: Roberta Orpwood
Published: CICO Books

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