My Trip to Glastonbury!

Magenta brings us along on a witch’s journey to legendary Glastonbury, sharing with us the magic she experienced there. “Magenta’s Musings” will appear on the blog every two months, on the second week of the month.

Glastonbury in autumn
Glastonbury in Autumn

In October, I went down to the magical town of Glastonbury with four of my close friends, to celebrate my and another girl’s birthdays.

I had been down to Glastonbury several times over the years: the last time was about five years ago with some of my American relatives, on a day’s excursion to see Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury.

The five of us set off on the Friday afternoon and had a leisurely drive down. Our B&B in Glastonbury had been recommended by another TABI Member (thank you Alison!) and was absolutely wonderful. After settling into our rooms, we walked into town to explore. Some of the girls had not been to Glastonbury, so were very excited. We had a lovely meal in a café and then a couple of drinks before walking home.

The Saturday morning was beautiful – sunny, a tad cold and a bit windy – so we decided to go up the Tor, which was just behind out B&B. Quite a steep climb, but very enjoyable and we got talking to loads of other people either going up or coming down! After spending some time at the top (the views are stunning!) we made our way down and spent some time talking to a lovely man and his three young girls – all of whom were fascinated to be talking to some ‘real’ witches!

Our next stop was the Chalice Well gardens, a most beautiful and serene place to walk round or just sit and take in the atmosphere. Some of us washed our pentacles and other necklaces in the spring water and I spent some time watching a young blackbird having a bath in one of the waterfalls!

Opposite the Chalice Well gardens is the White Spring, so called as the water from that spring is clear, whereas the water from the Chalice Well is red. The waters do taste different, too. The building that houses the White Spring is very dark, powerful and mysterious. Being a little bit claustrophobic, it took me some time to adjust to the energies, but it was worth it. Lit only by candles and with water running in small drills over the floor, it gives a very distinct feeling of being somewhere where the powers of Nature are very strong.

In the afternoon, we wandered in and out of all the shops in town. There was also a Faery Fair on at the Town Hall, with lots of people dressed as fairies of course. We managed a quick pit-stop for a cuppa and cake and met up with Alison for a natter and well-earned rest.

The main High Street was also closed for the afternoon and there was music by some Morris Dancers, dressed as Zombies, who were very entertaining. Afterwards there was the ‘Zombie Walk’ where children and adults, dressed as Zombies, Ghouls and Ghosts, walked through the crowds. A great time was had by all!

After doing some more shopping, we headed back to the café where we had been on Friday and again had a lovely meal. Sadly a lack of energy got the better of us (we had walked miles!) so we went back to the B & B for a nightcap. I had brought along a bottle of sparkly wine (that had been my Mum’s favourite), so we sat and toasted birthdays, my late Mum, and our wonderful time in Glastonbury!

Our breakfast on the Sunday morning was excellent again. We checked out very reluctantly, and only because there were a couple of places we wanted to visit on the way back to London. (The son of one of the girls runs a pub in Salisbury which is haunted, which was one place we wanted to call into.)

We really had the most wonderful weekend which was truly magical! The weather was kind to us, we met some interesting people, and we are already talking of our next trip to Glastonbury in the spring. I can’t wait!

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