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Review: The Witches’ Oracle by Sally Morningstar

The Witches’ Oracle Deck by Sally Morningstar

reviewed by Leah Crowley

The Witch's Oracle by Sally Morningstar
The Witches’ Oracle by Sally Morningstar, box cover

Published by Eddison Books Limited
Release date: 31st October 2019
Pack contains: Box (sleeve with drawer)
42 full colour illustrated cards
128-page illustrated guidebook (b&w)
ISBN: 9781859064542
RRP: £18.99
(Tarot, Wicca & Witchcraft)

  • An ancient wisdom oracle, deeply entwining the human spirit with the magic of the natural world.
  • Includes, 42 beautifully illustrated divinatory cards and in-depth guidebook.
  • Sally Morningstar is a renowned Hedge witch and healer.
  • Connect with ancient Pagan archetypes for daily life guidance.
  • Learn about Wiccan festivals and discover how to perform seasonal ceremonies.

Develop your hidden intuitive skills and discover Wiccan wisdom with this beautifully illustrated divinatory deck and guidebook set. The Witches’ Oracle cards help you connect to a place of deep inner knowledge to seek the answers you need. Each card plays a key significant role and task with their own energy while delivering the meanings; both high and low insights, depending on what you are seeking.

When I first held The Witches’ Oracle set in my hands I felt drawn to the positive energy and warmth. The packaging is beautifully illustrated and presented well.

I was eager to use the cards and I wanted to ask a question, so I shuffled the deck, I chose one of the cards, and I placed it on my tarot table in front of me. This process is like a tarot ‘card of the day’ reading, especially with the initial instruction of a calm and centred focus while seeking the answer. I find using divinatory cards better for me during a late afternoon and evening time, but each to their own preference. Once you have shuffled the deck, draw a card and see what it tells you.

The card I pulled from the deck was The Bat, meaning Rebirth In Consciousness.

Witch's Oracle, Bat
Witches’ Oracle, Card 2, Bat, Rebirth in Consciousness

The card tells me of a spiritual expansion in my life and the meaning of a change which will happen. Each card represents a deep meaning of specific qualities. The Bat is a mammal which changes through flight when it expands its wings towards freedom, or possibly another direction. The high note reads ‘consciousness awakens your flight of freedom’ and the low note indicates ‘this too shall pass’. Basically, this is a positive card with a step in the right direction. Evolving and moving on from the past towards the future. The card reading made me happy and content.

I was further intrigued and curious to perform another reading.
I decided to do ‘The Quick Question Spread’. This spread reminded me of a tarot reading due to how the instruction is delivered to the querent. Card 1 is your past influences, card 2 is for present possibilities and card 3 is your probable outcome (the future). The sage incense hovered over the nearby candlelight. I had two candles positioned at the outer edges of my reading table. I cleansed the oracle deck over incense smoke and I began to shuffle at a gentle pace. I then placed the deck into three piles in front of me and as I did this I lifted a card from each card pile and I placed them in front to see the answers.

The first card which appeared was Book of Shadows, meaning Experience.
The second card which appeared was Owl, meaning, Wisdom Keeper.
The third card which appeared was Wizard, meaning Spiritual Impeccability.

Witch's Oracle spread
Past: Book of Shadows, Present: Owl, Wizard: Spiritual Impeccability

My past has been experienced, with wisdom delivered to my soul, and I have no fear because I’m returning to my true self. My present is showing me spending time in silence, away from a crowd so that I can make very personal decisions about my life path. The Owl is watching and guiding my soul to its rightful place in the universe. My future is showing me a careful and cautionary event, warning me against being used or using another. The image represents a position of authority, control or influence. And I may need to ensure that my powers are used for the greater good and not for prestige or gain and to not be tempted by ego. Impeccability is essential to retain spiritual and magickal gifts. Current circumstances and situations may be a test to see how much spiritual wisdom I deserve to carry as I must approach them with integrity.

There are additional card reading studies within this set which are further explained with clear instructions.

Sally Morningstar weaves a special connection of natural magic and Wiccan philosophy which awakens within The Witches’ Oracle. The set is a joy to use – even Mother Nature herself would recommend it!

I found The Witches’ Oracle set to be informative, motivating and enjoyable to use.

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The Witches’ Oracle is available now from amazon and other bookstores.

Images used with the permission of the publisher.

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