Interview with Angela Casey

What first drew you to Tarot?

My background is Jungian, and the language of symbols has always appealed to me. I’m a very ‘visual’ person, and also synesthetic, which means my senses get muddled up: words and sounds have colours, sounds have tastes and so on. Pictures appeal to me as they say so much in very compact form. It always seems to me the cards are like multiple dream images on cardboard.

What is your favourite deck right now?

My favourite deck never changes; it’s always the Universal Waite. It’s the one I always use for readings, and my go-to for my own insights.

But I also love the Wildwood Tarot and the Shining Tribe Tarot for my own thoughtful work and personal reflection.

Tell us about a card that means something special to you.

Ooh…quandary! Many more than one.

But I’m going to go for Strength. Being a Leo, I really love the imagery of this card, and it means something really special to me about my own inner growth over many decades.

What is your favourite, or go-to spread?

Confession time!

I don’t really ‘do’ formal spreads. I tend to prefer simply to formulate my own designations for each card.

I’m not a person who likes too much structure, so I like to come fresh to each reading.

How do you think Tarot works best?

My own feeling is that for me it works best simply as a doorway into the ‘interior worlds’. I find I tend to look ‘past’ the cards into the world beyond them where more information is available than in our ‘day world’.

They are a kind of portal into a world of potential.

That information may bring to light aspects hidden from the view of the person wanting insight.

Why did you decide to become a Free Reader for TABI?

Just for fun!

My main line of work is as a healer and therapist, and I felt it added a further dimension to this, and besides, I just loved it.

I suppose I wanted to know if my private work with the cards translated into help for other people, too.

And the good news is… it does!

What do you like best about giving Tarot readings?

Goodness…I love all of it.

There’s a real excitement for me in seeing…yet again…how the cards throw up important and fascinating commentary on the problem or circumstance.

There’s a sense of great satisfaction in seeing…or hearing later.that this has helped someone through a tricky time or confusing episode.

And that connection with the ‘unseen realms’ is something that never fails to nourish my own soul too.

Win-win as they say!

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