TABI Forum: Mobile-Friendly View!

TABI Forum: Mobile-Friendly View!

Forum users, did you know that there’s a mobile-friendly view that you can select when using the Forum? We wanted to let you know that this feature is available!

To find this setting, scroll down to the bottom of the Forum page. On the bar at the bottom, at the far left, you’ll see a drop-down menu that says vB4 Default Style. Click on the drop-down and select Default Mobile Style to change to mobile-friendly view. That’s it!

If, like me, you like to jump right to a listing of the most recent posts (“What’s New”) then you’ll want to find where to do this when using the mobile-friendly view. What you’ll need to do is look at the top of the screen, where you’ll see a button that depicts a block of 3×3 boxes with the middle horizontal row in white and the others a darker grey.

Click this button and you’ll go to a menu of choices. One of these choices will be “What’s New?”

On some phones, the screen width causes a problem with selecting “What’s New” and a couple of other buttons. When you try to click on it, it will act as thought you’ve hit the “Search” button, and then give you an error message that says “The following errors occurred with you search: Please add more constraints to your search. Searches that return all or most of the database are a bad idea.”

No worries! Go back to the menu. Make sure you have auto-rotate selected on your phone. Tilt your phone sideways so that it is in landscape view (giving it a wider screen).

Then you can select “What’s New” and turn your phone upright again. Alternatively, you can use the Search function by simply changing “Any date” to “Your last visit” in the search options. Then you’ll see a mobile-friendly view of the newest posts that looks like this:

We hope that this information is helpful to you and that you enjoy using the Forum on any device that you prefer!

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