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Spread of the Month: “If I was a…” A Halloween Spread with Horror Clichés

Spread of the Month: “If I was a…” A Halloween Spread with Horror Clichés

By Library Ghost

Night sky through dark branches

I remember the first time I heard of commercial Halloween parties in my hometown Istanbul. I was so irritated, and thought that it was another symptom of capitalistic degeneration —  just like the Valentine’s Day celebrations. Both Valentine’s Day and Halloween are not part of our culture and have never been celebrated, until some people decided to profit from them by motivating people to buy presents, costumes, tickets, etc. That’s why my angry teenager soul always protested against going to a Halloween party. Until I moved to Berlin…There I went to my first Halloween event in the backyard of a house complex of huge cultural importance and fell in love with it! I remember the horror cabinet with mechanical monsters created by an artists’ collective, and the eccentric performance artist leading us through different stories and creatures. I remember children screaming with excitement, joy and wonder.

Spooky mansion

But the person I remember with warmest feelings is the Tarot reading lady in a claustrophobic small tent with her long gray hair. I got the first Tarot reading of my life from her. Even if her setting looked like a cliché, her approach was not even slightly far away from a psychological approach to Tarot. And her suggestions were very similar to the ones of my therapist. One bit of advice she gave me for hard times stayed with me the most: “Give away things to people for free, make presents for them. That will make them, and you, happy.”

That’s one of the reasons why I like TABI so much. I’m only a member for a couple of months and it’s amazing how many gifts — in form of knowledge or encouragement — I’ve received through forum posts, through Free Practice Readings, and last but not least through the hard work of my Free Reading Mentor, Julie T. So it was more than time to prepare a lighthearted, fun spread as a thank you for this community. Thank you, the first Tarot lady of my life, and thank you TABI.

A spread of magical jars, potions, pumpkins, a balance scale, candles and herbs

“If I was a…” A Halloween Spread with Horror Clichés

Library Ghost’s Halloween Spread

*Position 1*
If you were a final girl* what would be your method for survival? (YOUR RESOURCES)

*Final Girl: The final girl is a trope in horror films. It refers to the last girl or woman alive to confront the killer, ostensibly the one left to tell the story. (Wikipedia)

*Position 2*
If you were a villain what kind of a mask would you wear to hide yourself? (YOUR SHADOW)

*Position 3*
If you were a horror movie protagonist what would be hidden in your basement? (UNCONSCIOUS INFLUENCE)

*Position 4*
If you were a witch which spell would be your favorite ? (CONSCIOUS INFLUENCE)

*Position 5*
If you were a ghost what would be your favorite place to hang out? (PAST)

*Position 6*
If you were a medium what would your oracle tell? (FUTURE)

*Position 7*
If you were a witch who would you take with you on a world tour on your broom? (RELATIONSHIPS)

*Position 8*
If you had a supernatural power what would that be?  (YOUR HIDDEN TALENT)

I drew the cards for myself. Here is the resolution:

1) My method would be training hard in a desolate place and trying hard to develop my bodily skills to fight my attackers back. (7 of Wands)

2) I would wear a shiny white moon mask so people can’t read my intentions. (The High Priestess)

3) The pictures of my first childhood love which turned out to be a sect member. (6 of Cups)

4) A bondage spell to make someone addicted to me! (The Devil)

5) I would hang upside down from the ceilings and watch people all day and would make fun of their absurd businesses. (The Hanged Man)

6) That my dream of living in a garden house in the nature will come true! (9 of Pentacles)

7) A hard working person carrying all the weight of my life, taking responsibility for all my mistakes. (10 of Wands)

8) Hypnotizing people and implementing new ideas in their brains. (Ace of Swords)

Have fun!

Two carved pumpkin jack o’ lanterns smiling, one winking
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