Highs and Lows in the Lockdown

By Magenta

Magenta shares her optimism and resilience through her experiences during the lockdown amid the global pandemic.

As many of you have had, I’m sure, many highs and lows during the weeks of lockdown, I thought for this article I would share some of mine.

Thankfully, there have been more highs than lows for me personally. I was furloughed from my part time job as driver for a disabled young lady, who being very vulnerable was not going to her two day care centres which were shut anyway.

This gave me time to indulge in two favourite past-times: writing and gardening. Inspired by a competition, run by Dick & Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau fame, I finally put pen to paper and wrote something very dear to my heart. Titled ‘How Did You Know That? The Confessions of a Psychic,’ it is a short autobiography of my experiences as a psychic reader.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win the competition but I did find this very therapeutic and this encouraged me to write more. I have two ongoing projects at the moment which will be submitted to other competitions.

I also spent, like many people, an awful lot of time in my garden. With the weather being so good and having the excuse to spend all day outside, I finally tackled some of those jobs that I had been meaning to do for ages. One day I had an idea about the side of the garage wall. There is no soil, just concrete slabs and the gap between garage and pathway to garden is not very wide. I do have one very large tub with a climber, but the walls looked very bare.  Painting is something I have an interest in too, so I got out my acrylic paints and some stencils. Using the stencils to start with, although I eventually painted everything free hand, I painted sweet peas, roses & wisteria all growing up the garage wall. I won’t get any prizes for artistic quality, but from a distance it looks quite good!

Magenta’s newly painted garage wall

Another amazing thing that happened this summer is that an orchid that had once been my Mum’s flowered for the first time in about six years and it was beautiful! I took it as a sign that Mum was watching over me. 

Magenta’s Mum’s orchid

Another high was when a musician friend of ours, Jonny, streamed a live gig (with the aid of pre-recorded backing tracks by the drummer and bass guitarist who form the rest of his band) from his garden live on Facebook. Jonny played some damn fine covers of rock classics plus some other acoustic numbers and he spent two hours, almost non-stop. We had the gig streamed via our TV and with the volume up as loud as it could go. Luckily we have very good neighbours, who enjoyed the gig too! Jonny raised £1300 for the NHS as a thank you for the treatment he had after seriously breaking his ankle two years ago.

The low point for me though came the next day. One of our god-sons arranged a Zoom video call for family & friends and there were six families in all, from all over the country. It was so lovely to see everybody, especially god-son’s little boy who was only a few months old. Unfortunately, I am very hard of hearing and even with my hearing aids plus head-phones, I was still struggling to follow the conversations, especially when several people were talking at once. There was quite a bit of banter which sadly I missed although my partner did tell me later what everyone was laughing about!

At the end of our hour’s slot, we all said goodbye and I shut my laptop and burst into tears. It was mixed emotions; happy that I had seen everyone and they were all ok, but also frustration that I could not hear what was being said.

I am not a negative person though so I was not down for long. It did make me realise how lucky I am, firstly to have a wide circle of friends and family and through the powers of social media, to be able to keep in touch with them. I have emailed other friends and family in other countries too, just to make sure they are all ok and it has been wonderful to hear back from them and know that they are all safe.

What will the coming weeks and months bring, we all wonder, and what will the new normal be like? 

Hopefully we have all learned something about ourselves and those around us and we will take only good things forward with us to the future.

Take care and stay safe everyone,


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Sue · October 31, 2020 at 3:22 pm

What a heartwarming commentary Magenta. Thank you

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