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Review: The 1917 Tarot

Interview with the 1917 Tarot

By Katalin Patnaik

Note: The reviewer is one of the many contributing author/artists for this deck.

Since I have received my copy of the 1917 Tarot, I have used these cards for many readings and I have to say, they are fantastic! Despite the fact – or maybe because – it is a collaborative deck created by more than 50 artists, it holds strongly together and gives readings that are easy to follow and that always hit the nail on its head. In case you’d like to know, the artists who have worked on this deck include names like Ciro Marchetti, Giordano Berti, Osvaldo Menegazzi, Robert Place, Alexander Daniloff, and Vladimir Sitnikov, just to name a few. To show how this deck works in action, here’s an interview I made with them.

1917 Tarot Box alongside 5 of Flags (Cups) and 9 of Hammer and Sickle (Wands)

1. How would you describe yourself? – Five of Cups

No. Way. This is one of the cards I have designed and painted (my favourite, actually), and the one I have on the front of my author’s box. Like… what is the chance of pulling this card for this position? Fantastic! This deck is magic, I tell you!

So, after calming down let’s see how the deck describes itself. The card shows a woman hugging the flag of pre-revolution (and post-communist) Russia and the icon of Tsar Nicholas II to her chest. In the background, soldiers of the revolution march by, unstoppable, carrying the flags of the USSR. This is a deck that evokes strong emotions; an unstoppable force that will show you how to move forward from emotionally difficult situations.

What do you think of me? – Nine of Wands

The card shows the world’s first nuclear ice breaker ship, called Lenin, clearing the way for a caravan of ships behind it. Wow, how flattering! Yes, I do like to show the way for people who are stuck in a situation. If I resemble an atomic ice-breaker ship though, I don’t know; maybe in size? I did put on some weight during lockdown, haha! And yes, I am good at breaking the ice.

1917 Tarot King of Stars (Pentacles) and Page of Flags (Cups)

3. What type of readings do you like? – King of Pentacles – Lenin

Practical, no nonsense readings that are meant to change lives.

4. What type of readings do you dislike? – Page of Cups – Inessa Armand

The card was a cooperation between me and Vladimir Sitnikov, one of the organisers of the deck. It’s really interesting that I got two of my cards in an eight card reading, and both are cups! Inessa Armand was a great supporter of the Revolution and the not-very-secret mistress of the married Lenin; everyone knew about them, no on talked about them. How interesting to have them both next to each other in these positions!

Based on the card I’d say they dislike overly emotional questions. “When is my ex coming back?” is not really their cup of vodka.

1917 Tarot 9 of Flags (Cups) and Ace of Stars (Pentacles)

5. What is your strength? – Nine of Cups

Celebration of life, of endurance. Bringing people together, or just gathering us up after a bumpy patch of the road.

6) What is your weakness? – Ace of Pentacles

They are very practical, and not very emotional. They are ready to stomp across your heart and make you see what your fault is in the situation you are in. They aren’t very diplomatic.

1917 Tarot 5 of Stars (Pentacles) and 9 of Bayonets (Swords)

7) What can you teach me? – Five of Pentacles

This is a card that my best friend, Boglarka Kiss has painted! So many cards in here that personally, practically connect to me! I am amazed!

The deck can teach me compassion through tough times, humbleness, and providing real help to others when they most need it.

8) What do you need from me? – Nine of Swords

To open my eyes and see that everything depends on my mindset and how I communicate. To let go of fears and to be practical. Yes, this deck needs a practical, Swords mindset.

Huh. Did I mention how much I love these cards? If your collector’s senses have been tickled, go here and order it before the last one of this limited edition deck is gone!

The 1917 Tarot is a collaboratively produced and independently published deck. For information including a complete list of authors/artist and purchasing information, visit

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