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Spread of the Month: The Blind Spot

The Blind Spot Spread: Engaging with Self-Sabotage in the Modern Age

By Jade

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, and it is getting cold. Winter is coming. For me this is an in-between time. The time after all the good things of summer are gone and the time just before all the good things of the Christmas season. The time of the year where the veil is thinnest, where we turn inward … and to me it is also a time to take stock, to look back at the year, to the good things and the not so good things (and let’s be honest, there were a lot of those in 2020).

This year this turn inward has brought up an interesting complex of issues, both local and global. Issues that range from the consequences of the coronavirus, the developments in politics as well as developments in nature and climate. And what was most fascinating to me is the way we speak about these issues – or the way we simply don’t. I cannot escape the feeling that many of the global and local difficulties that we find ourselves in, and our inability to discuss them openly, are at least partially the result of a form of self-sabotage, namely the need to surround ourselves with people who share our opinions. In order to feel validated in our convictions and opinions, we often exclude people who think differently. But doing so makes communication impossible, which in turn leads to our inability to tackle many of the social, political, and spiritual problems we experience today.

Since it is very difficult to have an honest conversation with someone that challenges one or more of our fundamental beliefs, I thought it might be interesting to have an honest conversation with the cards and ask them to show us where we resist even simply listening to differing opinions, where our blind spots are, why we have them, and what beneficial consequences could be reaped if we were aware of our blind spots.

This spread asks for four cards. For the first card I am using the Wild Unknown Archetypes, and for the others I am using the 8 Coins Tattoo Tarot.

Blind Spot Spread layout using a Wild Unknown Archtypes oracle card and three 8 Coins Tattoo Tarot cards

The first card indicates the theme: Where do I tend to resist differing opinions? What view do I block from my sight? (I prefer using an oracle card for this one, but that is entirely up to you.)

The second card indicates the reasons why this theme has shown up/ why we resist examining this issue.

The third card tells us what we could learn if we were more open to different viewpoints in regard to this issue.

And the fourth card indicates the good that we could create in our lives, if we were more open in regard to this issue.

Blind Spot Spread reading: Agape from the Wild Unknown Archetypes deck, and 9 of Cups, The Star, and 8 of Coins from the 8 Coins Tattoo Tarot

The first card – Agape (devotion, unconditional love). The description of this card in the book begins with the following words, “What if instead of putting yourself at the centre of your spiritual practice, you put god, goddess or nature at the centre? How would this change your approach?” I take this to mean that this card is telling me that I am resisting the idea of letting a higher power lead the way.

2nd card – Why am I resisting this idea? 9 of cups. This is the ego’s voice telling me that I have managed to come this far, there are a lot of cups around, I am content. Why should I not be able to find that 10th cup myself? However, there might be many cups, but there are no people in this card. One cannot build a community alone.

3rd card – What I could gain from being open to a different viewpoint? The Star. A beautiful card here. What I could gain is a direction, guidance, hope and healing.

4th card – That tells me of the good that would be created in my life if I was open to challenging my viewpoint. It is the 8 of Coins, a card of actual progress in the material world, of growth, advancement and learning.

Oh well, I know which unconsciously held belief I will try to examine more closely. I do hope your reading is as straightforward and hopeful as mine.

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