The Book of Manifestations by Mishal Karamchandani

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The Book of Manifestations cover

The Book of Manifestations
by Mishal Karamchandani
Published by Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit, an imprint of Schiffer Publishing, Ltd
RRP £19.99
ISBN 978-0-7643-5971-2

This is a workbook, a book for dreams, doodles and life drafts, a book which encourages soul-searching in order to develop the self, a book built robustly enough to carry your discoveries into the future.

For those of a journaling ilk, I can see it being an inspiring companion, maybe a rudder in uncertain times. In fact, for those who make the most of its 160 pages it should do years of service, becoming a well-thumbed copy — battered and dog-eared, maybe taped together, containing gems unearthed in earlier times, as well as inviting updates and revisions.

The book is based on the Law of Attraction (LOA), and aims to: “…remove the abstractedness from the Law and make it as ‘user-friendly’ as possible,” according to author Mishal Karamchandani, a professor of economics in Mumbai and author of an e-book exploring how lessons from football can be applied to improve life.

Sample pages from The Book of Manifestations

In The Book of Manifestations, Mishal details 30 techniques guiding the reader to guide themselves in the direction of the life they desire. The first chapter prescribes a deep appreciation of the little things the reader already enjoys, in order to amplify the feeling of abundance in their life: a basic tenet of the LOA being that like attracts like, ie. accentuate the positive and it will increase.

Other exercises aimed at identifying and manifesting desires include listening to the inner voice, reconnecting with the natural world, experiencing the emotions of attaining a desire, redirecting energy into the most helpful activities, identifying blocks, establishing an “anchor”, living your best life, getting rid of clutter, being in the now and making yourself the star of your show. There are techniques such as the “Cup of Coffee” approach, minding your own business, using the power of music, venting your anger.

The physical quality of the volume is suitable for its purpose. It is well-produced with sewn binding, high-grade paper and a thick board backing with pronounced grooves alongside the spine — all of which mean the book can lie flat with a very little encouragement and no damage. It is a thing of purpose, to be used and lived with, rather than packed onto a shelf after reading.

The font and layout are clean and unfussy with plenty of tables and other spaces in which to write, all of which lend a relaxed and calming ambience, I feel.

Sample journaling pages from The Book of Manifestations

While a fair bit of the material in the book feels intuitive, the journaling aspect transforms it into an intensely personal experience, a journey into the soul and a unique reference book.

The last word goes to the author, who asserts that manifestation of your desires is an inside job, that once you change your state of being your life will change to reflect that. He states: “The better you feel, the better your life becomes.”

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