The Star Around the Corner Spread

By Heblenn

I live in the Cambridgeshire Fens, a.k.a. the flatlands of the East, where the roads are straight and long. When you’re driving, you can see anything coming in the opposite direction a mile away. It’s usually a pigeon, and it’s usually plonked in the middle of your lane, but at least you have fair warning.

In Buckinghamshire, where I lived for the first thirty-odd years of my life, it’s a different story. There, the winding lanes are full of elbow bends and piled high on each side with hedgerow. You can’t see what’s coming until after you’ve rounded the corner and it’s not unusual to find yourself face to face – or rather bonnet to bonnet – with a double-decker bus that’s straddling both lanes.

I hate surprises, especially ones of the double-decker variety, so it’s no wonder I prefer the long, straight droves of the Fens. That’s also probably why I love New Year, when I can see the months stretching ahead of me like an airport runway. At the start of a fresh new year, everything seems possible. All my plans and dreams are cleared for takeoff; nothing but clear skies ahead.

But, as we near the end of this – yes, I’m going to say it – unprecedented year, we find ourselves approaching something more like a Buckinghamshire bend. The New Year beckons but we’re not quite so naive this time to think there won’t be some surprises around the corner that we can’t yet see. Whilst we’re saying goodbye to 2020 with relief that it’s finally over, we know that ending is really just an illusion and that many of the challenges we face will still be there in the cold, clear light of New Years Day. We’re not ending one year and starting anew as much as we’re rounding a bend… warily, and wearily, but with hope for a long straight road ahead. In a nutshell, we’re feeling a bit 9 of Wandsy.

So how can we best steer round this bend? How can we safely navigate what lies ahead when we really don’t know what’s coming?

I’ve called this spread “The Star Around the Corner” to represent hope in uncertain times. The cards should be laid out in a star formation. A good question to ask for your reading might be, “What can you tell me about my experiences in 2020 and my prospects for 2021?

Star Around the Corner spread layout, using the Silhouettes Tarot by Masa Kuzuki

Cards 1 and 2 represent 2020.
1. Where did I struggle?
2. How did I triumph? (Yes, you did triumph, even if you don’t feel like it!)

Cards 3 and 4 represent 2021.
3. Where will I struggle?
4. How can I triumph?

Card 5 is The Star or the Guiding Light.
5. What can guide me? What should I aim for?

That’s it! It’s quite simple – only five cards – but that’s no bad thing. I thought we could all do with something a little less complicated. Please let me know in the comments below if you find it useful. In the meantime, here’s my own reading as an example (I used the Silhouettes Tarot by Masa Kuzuki).

1. Where did I struggle in 2020?
I struggled with letting go of the past and shedding my old skin. Some of those changes were drastic, some were slow and painful, but all were necessary.

2. How did I triumph in 2020?
I feel this card shows how I found calm through simplification and organisation. I’ve used a bullet journal – almost to the point of obsession! – to keep one foot steadily in front of the other and to not get overwhelmed.

3. Where will I struggle in 2021?
I will struggle with re-entering society, in particular with reconnecting and re-establishing roots. This year we have worked from home and homeschooled and I might find it hard to emerge from that cocoon.

4. How can I triumph in 2021?
By creating the life I want and being the person I want to be. The changes brought by Death have given me an opportunity to become a new, improved version of myself.

5. The Star / The Guiding Light. What can guide me in 2021?
This card usually represents burdens but when I turned it over I saw ten strong healthy antlers, carefully balanced so as to be manageable and not topple the stag. I see this as encouragement to do all the things I want to do, but also as a warning not to let things overwhelm me.

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Teca · December 24, 2020 at 9:20 am

Really enjoyed this, love the deck you’ve chosen! Spot on with the name for the spread for this time of year.

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