To celebrate this festive season with all its excitement, sparkle and lights, I have put together a tarot spread for you.

Look at the image of the spread and lay the cards out in a way that feels right to you, be that in a straight row or in a tree shape with the Star at the top and the Tree at the base with the other’s laid out as if hanging from their own branches.

As you lay out each card, visualise the item it represents, what do these items mean to you?  Embrace each item, imagine what it would be like to hold the bauble and smash it to smithereens…it can be quite cathartic!  What about the pudding; feel the gooeyness of it, taste the flavours, inhale the smells, not forgetting the excitement of finding the treasure inside.

Whichever card and item you focus on, give it your undivided attention while you absorb yourself into the feelings and sensations that they conjure up within you.  Add to this the question each item raises and your festive reading will unfold before your eyes.

Tarot decks, tarot decks, tarot every day, oh what fun it is to shuffle a tarot deck every day, hey!

Seasons greetings to you all.


Jennifer x

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