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Journey Into: 7 of Discs

WRITTEN BY: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

I look at the card and see a group of standing stones forming what was a burial chamber. There is a full moon in the distance and the background has a sense of dusk. There is still light in the foreground and the discs shine brightly almost as if to ignore the impending nightfall.

I walk into the card.

It seems as if the discs bar my way forward, like I have to trip over and deal with them before I can experience the freedom of the card, the natural world I want to get to behind. So I speak to the discs first.

“Hello what is your meaning here?” I ask the six discs who are together.

“We are the dream, the intensity of what you want. We are almost too good to be true, yet the focus is on us. We dominate to the exclusion of all else. You can’t see the true lay of the land for looking at us. We shine and tell of the perfection that will occur when you have what you want. All your problems will be solved. Really, we are the answer to it all.”

I am not convinced there is a strange, unreal feel to the discs – I turn to the lone disk at the bottom and ask it for its perception.

“I am the missing piece, what is left out of the plan. I am still part of the dream but I don’t fit into what has been planned. I am asking you to look for what you have overlooked in your enthusiasm to get what you want. What factor have you squashed into your vision? What vital ingredient have you missed? I ask you to look for me. Once you find me you may decide your whole plan needs re–structuring to really make it the thing you truly desire. If you can allow yourself to stop going forward with your plans and have a re-think, then success is possible. If you ignore me then nightfall comes and your vision for the future becomes confused and darkens. You can get lost at this point if you don’t consider all angles and all involved.”

This feels truer to me and I can accept the advice. I then notice the flowers around the discs and see them to be aconite, a beautiful yet poisonous flower, whose gift homeopathically is to treat shock and intense fears.

“What message do you have?” I ask the aconite.

“We are here to warn that not all beauty is healthy, and that though everything has its healing potential you need to find out how to use our energy. We will bring forth a sudden shocking change if the warnings of this card are not heeded. Do not allow your fears to take hold of you – there is actually nothing to fear if you rest now and consider your plans; take a step back before moving forward. It is not that your dream is wrong, only that something needs to he handled carefully to get the best from it. We give our best healing as homoeopathy, we are able to help you deal with fear, shock, and fear of death and change. But if you were to take us internally then you would come face to face with these fears directly, rather than be helped to gentle overcome them – it is all about learning how best to proceed and not allowing fear to make you charge ahead unthinkingly.”

“Thank you, you have a powerful message here, I can understand it and I am also aware some could get caught in the fear this card indicates. Do you have anything to say to someone who does this?”

“I say do not panic – I do not foretell of bad tidings to those who acknowledge their fear – it is those who hide from their fears I am here to shake up. Ask the moon too she has information for this situation too.”

“Thank you I will.” I reply.

I feel I have been given permission to proceed, I walk round the discs easily now they seem less overwhelming. I walk into the dusky countryside and immediately feel more at peace; it is like this place is real. I go to the stones first.

“What do you represent?” I ask.

“We are the signs of what has come before; cultures and civilisations that have honoured their dead, who have built structures to help the passing from one time to another be smooth and nurturing to all involved, both those who pass over and those who remain. So I am the need to look at time honoured ways of doing things and to learn from them. It is not that things have to be done the way they have always been done, more that from a foundation of past knowledge, inspiration has a greater platform to hold it as it develops into solid, practical, earthly reality. Learn from the past, and from others who have come this way before and your ideas will gain in their grounding.”

“Thank you.” I say. I can see relevance for me in this.

I look onwards into the beyond and see the moon rising. I ask the moon for her message.

“I am the light in the darkness. I am the true hope for the future. I light the way even when the ultimate outcome can not be seen. I help you sit with the unknown, with not knowing. So often
people fear that because they can’t see it all then it must be the wrong way; this is not the message here, the way is the right way, but you need to allow yourself to walk the path in the semi-darkness for a time, to germinate the seeds of your new venture. Germination takes place best in the dark and so allow the darkness – do not fight it and pretend it is light, but walk forward slowly, carefully, checking your foot placement and all will be well. If you ignore the time of day, and its effects on your progress, then you come up against problems as you twist your ankle in the dark and find panic in the unseen. The unseen can be your friend if you allow it to be. So relax, be aware and do not hurry, all will be well. Once in touch with your fears and take their grain of truth, that something in your pacing needs to change, so you can relax and allow the unknown, so you can overcome your fear and success will be yours.”

“Thank you moon I understand – you have a powerful message here.”

I turn around and look to all the card and its environment and I ask:

“So what do you mean if you are reversed?”

“The person will be ignoring the need to take things step by step and will be allowing the illusion of the dream to take over practical reality. There is delusion and the person is out of touch with reality, determined to act as if they know exactly how everything is and will be. There will come a change; their actions will precipitate an event that will show them the truth, at first a small thing – a nudge, but if it is not listened to then the nudges become bigger until it is unavoidable to see the truth of the situation. To right the card the truth needs to be seen. Acknowledge you don’t know it all and that there is a flaw in your thinking, even if you do not know what this is. This simple change in state of mind or attitude will make you alert to the messages the universe is giving you and will help you navigate the rough terrain so you can walk safely forward – even if it means detouring slightly to avoid the bog or cliff coming up.”

“That is great, thank you.” I say.

“I see it is a key time in the start of a project or relationship where there can be a tendency to live too much in the spiritual realm without seeing the physical world laws that have to be overcome to create your dream.”

“Yes exactly,” the moon replies, “you are understanding well.”

“Thank you.” I say.

It is now starting to really get dark, so I decide to retire from the card and think on its messages for the future – as I say this I realise that sometimes this card is merely asking for the journey forward to be halted for a short while until things change in the environment.

I walk round the discs again, who are still gleaming in the remaining light but seem smaller and more in context. I know the morning will bring a fresh light on the subject. “Sleep on it!” I hear as I leave the card.


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