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Mickey Querent Talks Mercury

Article by Mick Frankel

Some of you may remember Mickey Querent.  A few years ago, we sent TABI investigative reporter Sam Sword to find out more about Tarot and Astrology. What he discovered is quite extraordinary, so we considered it worthy of republication…

Mickey goes for as many Tarot readings as he possibly can and he adapts his approach according to the Astrology of the reader.

I’d been thinking about something Mickey had said to me ages ago about the planet Mercury.

Talking about Tarot readers born with the Sun in Pisces, he’d said, “Of course, a lot depends on where their Mercury is. Sun in Pisces with Mercury in Aquarius isn’t quite so round-the-houses, Sun in Pisces with Mercury in Aries is much more straight ahead but if they’re born with Sun in Pisces and Mercury in Pisces you might be there for some time.”

I was really interested in what Mickey was saying about Mercury. But I couldn’t work out why each Sun-sign only has three possible Mercury placements.

That would make 36 different possible Sun/Mercury combinations. Maybe that would mean 36 different types of people each expressing their ideas in slightly different ways?

I tried to arrange to meet up with Mickey again but he was a little bit busy. He said he was preparing a workshop for a local astrology group later this year.

But I managed to persuade him to talk to me on the phone for a little while. I asked why there were only three possible Mercury placements for each Sun-sign. He laughed and said, “I remember asking that same question myself many years ago.” He paused for a moment and then carried on, slowly and carefully.

“Well, the astronomers will tell you that it has to do with the maximum angular elongation.”

I had no idea what he was talking about. “What the devil does that mean?” I asked bluntly.

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Mickey was patient. “It means how far away from the Sun the planet can be, as seen from Earth. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun so, from our point of view on Earth, Mercury can never be very far away from the Sun in the Zodiac.”

That made sense. He went on, “More specifically, Mercury can only be at most 28 degrees away from the Sun. Or, as Patrick Moore might have said or perhaps mumbled, ‘The maximum angular elongation of Mercury is 28 degrees.’ ”

He actually did a pretty good Patrick Moore impersonation. I laughed and started to relax but then he asked me a question and I had to start thinking again.

“So, how far away in the Zodiac can Mercury be from the Sun?”

I heard Patrick Moore’s voice in my head, “28 degrees” I said, pretending that I was wearing a monocle.

“Very good” said Mickey, “Now how many degrees are there in each sign of the Zodiac?”

My head was starting to ache but I persevered. “Well there’s 12 signs and the Zodiac is a 360 degree circle so each sign must cover 30 degrees. Is that right?”

“Excellent mate!” Mickey sounded genuinely pleased, “I reckon you’re starting to get the hang of this Astrology business, don’t you?”

I had a flash of understanding, “I get it. If Mercury can only be 28 degrees away from the Sun it can’t quite get farther than one sign away.”

“That’s the one” said Mickey calmly, “Even if the Sun is at 29 degrees Pisces and Mercury is ahead of the Sun, the furthest on that Mercury could be is 27 degrees Aries. Mercury could never be in Taurus if the Sun is in Pisces.”

“And it’s the same thing if Mercury is behind the Sun in the Zodiac. Mercury could never be in Capricorn even the Sun is right at the beginning of Pisces.”

Mickey paused and then seemed to be summing things up for me, “That’s why anyone born with the Sun in Pisces can only have their Mercury in Aquarius or in Pisces or in Aries. That’s it. Three different types of Piscean.”

Makes sense.

I wanted to ask how come Mercury could sometimes be ahead of the Sun and sometimes behind the Sun but I felt that Mickey‘s tone meant that our conversation was coming to an end.

“I get it” I said quickly, “That’s brilliant. Maybe we can meet up and talk in more detail about what the three different Mercury placements would mean for each sign?”

He laughed, “Any time mate. Give me a call in a week or two and we’ll line something up.”

We said goodbye and after I put the phone down, I realised that I hadn’t asked him about the workshop he was planning for the astrology group. I suppose it’ll be something to do with Tarot and Astrology? I’ll ask him next time.


Article by Mick Frankel

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