The very consultant and writer for the booklet to Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition – Diana McMahon Collis is taking us on a journey to explore the Tattoo Tarot Deck in great detail.

The Ace of Cups is fast becoming one of my favourite cards in the Tattoo Tarot deck, visually. The image includes a sunny face on the side of the cup and two white feathered birds. The birds are so sweet looking, flying in complete unison. To me they represent peace, even amidst quite busy activity. This is a state that seems absent from my world at times, lately, though – much to do with
rather frantic schedules and the age-old problem of managing to fill my time with more available content than it can hold. Some of that is directly of my own choosing. Yet it is a conundrum how
often time gets filled with what other people want, or request, instead! On the one hand, my cup overflows rather like the water brimming over in the Tattoo Tarot Ace of Cups image – we could see that as abundance, of course. But abundance, arguably, is only fabulous if it’s lots of what you want and need – and if it is not tipping over into drowning in the stuff, even if it is what you want and need. There is a point at which the flow needs to be stemmed.

It is usually not possible to control that flow externally, because we don’t have power over the source, very often. But it is possible to work at the psychic and direct communicative levels in order to give the right signals to help stem the flow. I am hesitant to refer to open conversation with others as ‘simple communication’, because, due to the complexity of human relationships and personalities, it doesn’t always end up being a simple thing at all. But there is more obvious and tangible communication – chatting, phone calls, texts, emails, letters – and so on. And then there is
what I think of as psychic communication. This is where we ‘think’ our requests. It is a little different from just wishing, though. It is more like prayer.

The Ace of Cups seems to me to encompass this idea of prayers and blessings. We can ask for our cup to be filled in the way that is manageable for us, and which sees to our needs the best. Sometimes the cup gets too full. This can manifest in obvious situations – we buy too many things and don’t know where to house them all, for example! But sometimes it will come out sideways and from a more internal, less apparent place. We may end up becoming more emotional than usual, particularly in situations where it’s not the obvious reaction. To me this is about an emotional and psychic build-up of internal energy. I have noticed that some people are more in touch with that inner energy than others. Some regularly use something to medicate it away (consciously or not), perhaps because it feels overwhelming otherwise. A bit like the water brimming up and dripping over the cup in this image; it could get to feel quite suffocating, if it carried on like that. Other people simply let the emotion out, whether in an appropriate place or not – and then it is out and dealt with, for better or worse. For others it may just swill around, waiting to show expression in some future way.

In the Tattoo Tarot booklet I have emphasised the outpouring of feelings – which can, of course, also include telling someone you love them, or you appreciate their efforts, etc. The card can represent simple gratitude, then, and the bonding of a relationship (two as one). It can also be about the healthy aspect of getting something off your chest, in whatever format suits you the best. I have further included some of the more traditional and established interpretations in the booklet keywords – eg, fertility, pregnancy, birth. I do remember a face to face reading, many years back, where a young woman came along for advice. She was starting to ‘sleep’ with her boyfriend and she was a little nervous about where that could lead. We ended up talking about contraception. I felt the card was warning that she could very easily get pregnant – which was absolutely fine if it was what she wanted, but I was aware of how young she was and barely out of her education yet. Perhaps there were other choices to consider, too. A few months later, though, I heard that she was in fact pregnant – neither of us knew this at the time of the reading, but, apparently, the Tarot knew it!

Other meanings included in the Tattoo Tarot booklet that makes up the gift set, in its attractive, sturdy box are: seeds, creative beginnings, attraction, new relationship, greatest joy and fulfillment. These are a reminder, to me in my own situation, that I love the energy of starting new projects. But I need to be careful not to begin too many at once. Noting the red, yellow and black patterns in the corners of the card, they look quite like sun rays. But the black centres are quite large and they remind me that, sometimes, I need to turn the spotlight away from some areas and prioritise others.

The white birds near the stem and base of the cup somehow remind me of the need for self-care – perhaps also because the Ace equates to “number one”, suggesting I consider my own needs, before I work out what I have available to give to others. There is a phrase I like, from an area of personal recovery, which is to: “give from your overflow”. I think I will be working on that particular Ace of Cups theme over the next few weeks.

The Tattoo Tarot: Ink and Intuition set includes a full colour booklet, published by Laurenceking.com and is currently available via the Amazon link to Tattoo Tarot on the home page of https://mindbliss.co.uk/

To see plenty more images from the deck, and read about tarot myths, good uses of tarot and how to treat a new deck, you may also like to read the interview with Diana on LKP’s recent blog post on the Tattoo Tarot at https://www.laurenceking.com/blog/2018/08/20/top-deck/

Diana McMahon Collis has worked with tarot and astrology for more than thirty years, as a way of helping people connect more deeply and move forward in life; she offers deeply insightful readings with a practical focus, bookable via Email or Skype at: http://mindbliss.co.uk  She also works as a professional writer in the Mind, Body, Spirit field; recent projects include consultancy and booklet writing for the newly launching Tattoo Tarot: Ink and Intuition set (Laurence King Publishing), and project management of the Book of Music Horoscopes (Flare Publications), which also includes her essay on David Bowie and Iggy Pop’s friendship (more details on her Author page at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B07FK8896B). At The Mountain Astrologer she writes a bi-monthly lunation column on the New and Full Moons and eclipses, and, for The Astrological Journal, has written on subjects as diverse as music star Prince, ABBA’s Agnetha Faltskog, and the activity of the brain in divination.  At https://Jerichowriters.com she works as an editor and author mentor, assisting other authors on their publishing path and, at http://celestialspot.blogspot.com/, posts reviews of tarot decks, astrology books and articles on celestial and symbolic themes. She can be emailed via (diana@) mindbliss.co.uk.

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