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Courts and Others: Knights In


Enjoy the more creative aspect of tarot by delving into Courts and Others. A beautiful form of tarot storytelling, weaved by Lucy Voss, and a great way to understand courts and suits of tarot.

The Knight of Pentacles and the Knight of Swords were sorting out the shower. Swords was dismantling it speedily but Pentacles reminded him that they would have to put it back together again and that if he left screws and parts lying about anyhow they would be bound to end up with something missing and have to start again.

“How long are you going to be in there?” came a resigned voice from outside. “I want a shower.” “Too bad, Cupsy,” said the Knight of Swords. “You know we agreed Pents and I would sort the shower out this morning. The shower head’s blocked, the water’s not draining down the plug-hole properly ….. well if some people tidied up after themselves, we wouldn’t be having to dismantle the shower.” “I don’t remember agreeing to not having a shower this morning,” said the Knight of Cups fretfully. “You decided without telling me.” “No, we didn’t, we agreed on Thursday. You could have had a shower this morning, no-one said you had to agree to not have a shower” said the Knight of Pentacles patiently, “ you just didn’t get up in time.” “So it’s your own fault,” added the Knight of Swords. “Too many beverages last night, probably.” “Oooof” said the Knight of Cups and stumped back to his room.

The two Knights continued their work – “Careful, Swordy, you don’t want to bring the tiles off the wall,” and “What about a bit of probing with this screwdriver?” and so on. Although they tried to be tidy they couldn’t help filling the small bathroom with various bits of the shower, tools and lost items, “though how anyone could lose anything in the shower beats me,” said the Knight of Pentacles. “Hold on,” said the Knight of Swords “isn’t this Cupsy’s medallion that he lost? How on earth did it get here? Probably part of the blockage…… Cupsy,” he shouted through the half open door, “we’ve found your medallion.” “I suppose the shower isn’t ready to use yet?” came the mournful reply. “I suppose ‘thank you’ wouldn’t come amiss, either” snapped the Knight of Swords holding out the medallion and closing the door.

The Knight of Wands came up the stairs. “How long are you going to be? I’ve got people coming round this afternoon.” “People?” said the Knight of Swords. “In the plural?” “Yes of course in the plural, I would have said if it was just one.” “Well these ‘people’” said the Knight of Swords “are not coming here for a shower, are they? They can use the loo by the front door if that’s what you’re worried about.” “Oh, I’ve put all the junk from the living room in there, they won’t be able to get in.” Pents and Swordy glared. “You’re as bad as Cupsy sometimes,” said the Knight of Pentacles. “You know we needed to do this today, though I can think of better ways to spend a Sunday…….And when you said “people” how many do you mean?” “Oh, just some girls from work ……. four” he added as the other two continued to glare. “I think something’s burning” said the Knight of Wands and ran back to the kitchen. “Don’t say he’s taken over the kitchen,” sighed the Knight of Pentacles. “I was hoping to cook something nice for myself for once as I am not going out this evening so there’d be time to do it properly.” “I’m not going out today, either,” replied the Knight of Swords. “I’ve been stood up – she said it was her mother, but I think I know who “mother” really is…..anyway, let’s get back to business.”

“Cupsy! The shower’s finished now,” called the two Knights and went down to the kitchen for something restorative. “O…..M…..G” they both said. “What on earth are you doing?” “Cooking, what does it look like?” “Making a mess more like,” said the Knight of Pentacles. “And burning stuff,” added the Knight of Swords. There was not a clear space on any surface in the kitchen. There were bowls with what looked like food in them and bowls which had not been used but which were somehow splashed with sauce or trails of flour or contained dirty cutlery. “All this will have to be cleared up,” said the Knight of Pentacles. “Why?” asked the Knight of Wands, “I’m using it.” “No you aren’t” said the Knight of Swords. “Even I can see you’ve got every bowl out of the cupboards whether you need it or not, and (looking in the drawer) there isn’t a single piece of unused cutlery anywhere. How are we supposed to make our own meals or even eat them?” He looked in the fridge. “What have you done with my bowl of stew …it’s not there?” “I needed the bowl so I threw that stuff away,” said the Knight of Wands. “Wandsy!” said the Knight of Swords, taking him by the shoulders and shaking him, “this is a house share, not your little kingdom.” “It is for today,” said the Knight of Wands, pulling away from the other Knight and smiling in a complacent manner. “Something’s caught fire,” said the Knight of Pentacles. “Aaaargh! That’s my new pan you’ve burnt.” “Well you can clean it, can’t you?” asked the Knight of Wands. “What a fuss you two are making.” The Knight of Pentacles examined the pan. “It is burnt beyond redemption you great lummox. And whatever you were cooking in there is cinders so no-one can eat that.”

“What’s all the shouting?” asked the Knight of Cups coming into the kitchen to see the other three with arms folded across chests and glaring at each other. “I just came to get something to eat.” “You’ll be lucky, anything not required by “Heston” here has been thrown out or used or just got bits on it.” The Knight of Pentacles picked up some of the dirty plates and cutlery and washed them. The Knights of Swords and Cups rootled in the fridge and found some old bread and hard cheese which the three Knights turned into an undelicious snack. “When do your guests arrive?” asked the Knight of Cups. “Oh, later this afternoon, I’m getting everything ready now as I have to go out for a bit.” The other three huffed out of the kitchen and went up to their rooms.

“Cupsy, Pents,” said the Knight of Swords tapping on their doors. “I’ve had an idea.” “Not one of your spiteful ones, I hope,” said the other two. “No, I don’t think so, now listen……” Later that afternoon there was a knock at the front door. It was opened by the Knight of Cups who was delighted to see four young women standing there. “Err, we’ve come to see the Knight of Wands, we thought this was his house.” “Oh, he lives here,” said the Knight of Cups, “do come in.” He showed the women into the living room. “I’m the Knight of Cups,” he said. “I live here as well.” “Marigold,” said the redhead; “Pansy,” said a shy-looking woman with big brown eyes and a lot of dark curls; “I’m Iris,” said the slightly untidy blonde; “and I’m Gladys” said the tallest, a slightly severe-looking woman with glasses. “This is nice,” they said taking in the table set out for five with glasses and mismatching cutlery. “Do sit down,” said Cupsy, and going to the door he bellowed up the stairs “Wandsy, your guests are here.” The Knight of Wands looked put out that the other Knight had let his guests in and he looked surprised at the set table; he’d planned bowls on laps and serving dishes passed round from the coffee table. Cupsy looked bland and left the room.

“If you’d like to sit down, girls, I’ll just get the food.” He went to the door which was opened before he could get there and the Knight of Pentacles came in with a large covered bowl of something delicious-smelling. He was followed by the Knight of Swords with a tray of accompaniments which he laid on the table, and finally the Knight of Cups entered with a selection of drinks.

The Knight of Wands looked at his three house-mates. “Thank you,” he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. The other three Knights remained. Each pulled up a chair and took a place-setting from the side of the room and plonked themselves at the table, one between each of the guests.

“You can settle up with us afterwards,” said the Knight of Pentacles, audibly.
“House share, Wandsy,” said the Knight of Swords.

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