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Dishonored: Madame Prudence: The High Priestess


Nic has a love of both tarot and video games and this project is designed to look in detail to the Dishonored Tarot Deck. Insight to the games/characters are all included to make it easy for those not familiar with Dishonored to join in

In this card (numbered II) we can clearly see Madame Prudence and her overall look tells a little of her story and who she is. Wisdom (perhaps not the most encouraging of wisdom) etched on an aged face, casually holding her smoke, in clothes which are stylish, loose and colours of prominence/riches and innocence. This a woman of luxury, comfort and does what she must in order to ensure it. “Lust” is the name of this card and so I will look to see how this all turns out in the end – there is an obvious reason for this name which will come apparent in the next section but I will investigate that further.

Madame Prudence

One of the missions in the game requires you to visit a place called “The Golden Cat”. This is a pleasure den, contains baths/steam rooms, acts as a brothel and theatre. It’s a place to unwind and forget the plague to say the least. Madame Prudence is the Lady who oversees all of the goings on and her girls.

A Certain Confidence

What should be noted is that as a minor character, it’s not as easy to discuss the nature of Madame Prudence and some of this will be speculation.

This is a woman who gave the distinct impression of this is all a case of business and that’s all there is to it. She makes an effort to not know her courtesans and to please and flatter the visitors of The Golden Cat. There is a hint that she appreciates luxury and refinement, a sense of class although her background before becoming the manager of The Golden Cat is that she was in dire position, a far cry from her toughened position now. Her interactions with the people around her show her fretting over important guests, dumping the bodies of dead courtesans in the nearby river, dealing with gangs and The Golden Cat itself was where Emily Kaldwin was kept captive.

hint of secrecy and shrewd decision making
suggestion of cunning in order to succeed
suggestion of decisions based from experiences in life

Lady of contemplation, sin or both?

High Priestess – there is a lot of intrigue and mystery that surrounds Madame Prudence. However, its clear that she has some inner knowledge and trusts her intuition to make business decisions in order to survive and thrive.

The Devil – while she herself is not inherently “evil” and not remotely a patch of evil of the other characters in this game, Madame Prudence actively looks to seek out the materialism for her own life and does so by selling pleasure; steam rooms and baths, pleasure of the flesh, alcohol and theatre – all in exchange for coin or service which benefits her. By using lust and greed she anchors people to their “sin”.

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