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Spread – The Dragon Spread


Magenta takes us through yet another spread which is perfect for those of us getting the Hallowe’en/Samhain itch! You can find out a lot of more of Magentas skills by checking out her etsy which can be found right here.

The Dragon SpreadWith Halloween/Samhain nearly upon us, I thought it would be fun to introduce: The Dragon Spread! Very appropriately, 13 cards are used and as you can see from the placement of the cards, you will need a large table or area for the spread.

The Dragon Spread

THE HEART OF THE QUESTION: This card is the one that represents the core of the question or problem posed to you, consciously or unconsciously.

WHAT CROSSES THE QUESTION: This card represents obstacles that may manifest themselves to oppose your objective. Take heed! This card is to show you the problem in obtaining your objective. Recognize it! Understand it! That is the only way you can overcome what the card is showing you.

THE FOUNDATION: Why this objective (the question) is even present in your life. This card can be almost harder to accept then #2. Most people want to know why things are happening (or not happening) to them in their life, but they fail to realize that they are more often then not the cause of such obstacles. The card in this place should clarify this.

OUTSIDE INFLUENCES: Where card #3 usually represents the questioner’s own influences (or obstacles) on the question, with card #4 we have any possible influences that may pertain to the question.

THE SHADOWTAIL CARD: Here, unknown, unseen events surrounding the question are made known (possibly for the first time). Usually a very surprising card for the person. (The phrase ‘sting in the tail’ springs to mind here!)

YOUR HOPES: Now we move onto the Wings of the Dragon. This left hand side wing (the Wing of Light) starts with the person’s deep felt hopes regarding the question.

YOUR FEARS: On the other wing (the Wing of Shadows) we begin with the person’s fears towards the question or situation. Both placement 6 and 7 should be regarded as the questioner’s feelings on the matter, whether they are realistic or not.

THE WING OF LIGHT: This position reveals the best possible solution the question could ever hope to receive. If you don’t see it here, it isn’t going to happen.

THE WING OF DARKNESS: This card will reveal the worst possible solution the situation can offer. Both position 8 and 9 represent the spectrum of the outcome that will be revealed in the remaining cards. Sometimes this can be a comforting card. Most people’s greatest fear is the worst thing that could happen. Usually this card is never as bad as most people think.

THE PAST: This card will show the questioner’s past that has bearing on the question and may be influencing it.

THE PRESENT: This shows how the person feels about the question and how it relates to their life now.

12 & 13. THE FUTURE: Here we have two cards to represent the most likely outcome of the posed question. These cards (considered to be the Dragon’s Eyes, or perhaps the Dragon’s Horns) are to be read together, giving a more detailed, in-depth view towards the question. More times then not, the final outcome usually falls somewhat in-between what the two wing cards have shown.

* Another couple of places that could be utilised are the four dragon’s feet and these cards could be used to define what you are trying to hold on to (the two front feet) and what you are trying to let go of (the two back feet)

Happy Halloween people!

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