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Review: The Not So Good Tarot

The Not So Good Tarot
(counterfeit deck from eBay)

Reviewed by Juli

Damage to the box caused by removing the glued cellophane wrapper
Details for the legitimate deck:
The Good Tarot (£16.99 rrp)
By Colette Baron-Reid  
Published by Hay House
ISBN 9781401949501 

TABI in no way endorses the purchase of counterfeit decks. 
The purpose of this review is to act as a deterrent. 

We’ve all done it haven’t we! That quiet hour spent looking at all the decks on eBay suddenly ends with a “buy it now” button pulling your finger onto it. In my case I thought I’d got a bargain and no, I have never wanted “The Good Tarot” deck but at just £4 and free post and packing, I wasn’t about to pass it by. It didn’t take long for me to realise that once again I had acted too quickly. I have a long history of doing this and can boast some very memorable times as a result. There was the special offer fish tank heater that went bang when I switched it on or what about the decorative stones that arrived masquerading as lumps of spray-painted polystyrene? “It’s all good fun and a learning experience,” I’d told myself many times though I had a feeling that my newest acquisition was already predicting dire consequences from it’s birthplace in China.

In fact on that fateful day a few weeks later when it arrived in my letterbox, I’d forgotten I’d ordered it. My first observation was the fact that the deck was sealed in cellophane which appeared to be glued to the box in places. Five minutes later and I still couldn’t open the deck. A knife, however, proved very handy and I managed to remove the outer cover while damaging the box. Not a great start and things were about to get worse as I discovered no guidebook, not even a short booklet. But wait, the day was saved when I suddenly received an email from the seller advising me that any guidance could be found as a PDF online and I could even print it off for free.

Having looked online at some of the regular priced decks with the same name (The Good Tarot) I set out to compare my cheap version. The artwork on my deck seems to be just as pleasing as the more expensive one but then I noticed that the colours don’t look as vibrant and will probably fade quickly too. The card stock is poor, slightly thicker than luxury toilet paper and I can’t see it coping well with regular use. The sides of the cards, when stacked, proved interesting as they didn’t seem to stack together very well and there were ridges and small spaces that made me think that someone had cut them with a blunt guillotine and hoped for the best.

 I don’t feel inspired at all and can only imagine how much better the real version is.

Of course, the biggest point I’m trying to make is the fact that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. This deck is a fake which is a shame for the creator who won’t benefit from the money it generates.   Tarot reading is a very old practice and those of us who like to participate in it value the wisdom, honesty and enlightenment a deck delivers to us.

It therefore doesn’t seem fitting that any reading is performed using cards masquerading as the real deal. My advice to anyone starting with tarot is to avoid the low priced items on eBay and Amazon and start with a quality deck. You’ll often get the item beautifully presented in a hard-wearing box accompanied by a guide book and you’ll know that the profits are going to the people involved in the creation and promotion of the deck. As for me I’ve learned my lesson and if I happen to see a Not so Gilded Lenormand at a fab price I’ll pass.

Counterfeit cards with irregular edges and lacking the colour vibrancy of the real cards.


  • Ania

    I hope you reported it as a counterfeit and got your money back? Otherwise, the scumbag thieves get the money and just keep on churning out fakes.

  • edmund

    i gave up reading and free reading several years ago and had amassed a collection of good quality tarot cards and when i advertised them on Facebook as a bundle someone tried to beat my price down and when i refused he reported the cover on one box as risqué and unsuitable to be on Facebook. Sour grapes of course so i donated all the cards and books to the local Hospice shop as i had lost a family member to cancer at Christmas. i still have a couple or RWS packs just in case the urge to read comes back

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