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Spread of the Month: The Caduceus Spread

Spread of the Month: Finding Focus – The Caduceus Spread

By Camomilla

The summer is drawing to an end, the days are getting shorter, and autumn is approaching. Here is a spread for collecting your thoughts and finding your main focus for the coming semester. What will be your main focus? What are your intentions for the coming few months? Where can you find the strength to follow through on all the good intentions? And what is lurking in the darkness, out of sight, that is impeding you for now?

On the 19th of August, we will enter the new moon in Leo. That means that both the Sun and the Moon are aligned in the same zodiac sign, thus enhancing the characteristics of that sign. The new moon is always a good time to recalibrate and set new intentions, make plans for the future. And why not carve out an hour of your time to sit down with your favourite deck of cards to gain some true clarity. The Coronavirus situation has given us all a lot of food for thought, and we have reached a point where we are fed up with it. What we need more than anything is a strong impetus to find direction and get things moving again, even if it has to start slowly.

Leo represents warmth, self-expression and ambition. There is nothing dull or colourless about Leo. Use this spread to become clear about your ambitions for this autumn! See where you can draw forth your strongest qualities, and look for the areas where you feel most inspired, and where you can do your absolute best. Where can you spread your warmth and your enthusiasm? Through this spread, you will also have a chance to explore what is hindering you from expressing yourself and the obstacles you have within.

So, let’s begin:

Lay out the cards with the backside turning up, flipping them over one by one. For your focus point, pull three cards (2,3, and 4), and read them as a string. Look for a storyline in the cards, and try to express it in one sharp and clear sentence that rings true for you. This will help you narrow down on the essential.

1) Where am I now? 2,3,4) What is the most important thing for me to focus this autumn? 5) My WHY? Why is this so important for me?

Explore your strongest qualities: 6) What am I best at? Where do I shine? 7) What inspires me?

Explore your hindrances: 8) A limiting belief about myself that I entertain and can discard 9) Another obstacle that is standing in my way

The last card is the card that will give you the first actionable step towards the fulfilling of your intentions. 10) Action. What helps me move in the direction of my goal?

Caduceus Spread layout

After I created this spread I realized that it reminded of the Caduceus.


This was a winged staff, entwined by two serpents. In Greek mythology, it was carried by Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. The Caduceus also formed the basis for the astrological symbol representing the planet Mercury. I am no expert in astrology, but I read somewhere that during the August new moon in Leo, the moon, sun and Mercury in Leo all trine Mars in Aries – which implies that there is a lot of Fire energy we can connect to. I thought this was a nice coincidence, and perhaps this is really what this spread is all about, connecting to drive, inner fire, aspirations – something we desperately need after everything stopped during spring.

Caduceus Spread reading, cards face-down (Spolia Tarot)


I used the Spolia Tarot by artist Jen May and writer Jessa Crispin. It is a very interesting deck. I find it is many-layered and the complexity of the images always gives me new insights, and new ways to look at the cards.

1) The World 2) 5 of Swords 3) Queen of Cups 4) Judgment 5) The Devil 6) Page of Wands 7) 4 of Swords 8) 6 of Swords 9) 4 of Coins 10) 2 of Wands

Caduceus Spread using the Spolia Tarot

There is certainly a lot of food for thought here, so I will just give it a brief walk-through:

The Now (card 1, the World) is full of possibilities. Even if I don’t realize it on a conscious level, I do have all the resources I need – at my fingertips. The Most Important Thing is 5 of Swords, Queen of Cups and Judgment read as a string: Those swords are going to fall, I can leave the small struggles behind, and be the grown-up woman that I am, shedding my skin, shedding the old mask that was holding me tied to the smallness of making problems. I can renew myself.

The WHY is the Devil, and this is a dark Devil! How can that be? Perhaps the WHY, the deepest driving-force behind what we do – and here we should think about it as finding the WHY we want to do what is really important to us. This Devil is eating a human being, it looks like he is playing the flute. We are seduced all the time, and this eats us whole. The Devil tells me that I really don’t want to be held as a slave any more, I don’t want to be eaten alive – I have to break free from the darkness, move out towards the light. Something which goes well with Leo’s need for self-expression, by the way.

Cards 6 and 7, the Page of Wands and 4 of Swords:

I am best at having new, fiery beginnings. How can I put that to good use? And I find inspiration when I allow myself to rest.

Cards 8 and 9, the 6 of Swords and 4 of Coins: A limiting belief about myself is that I have to go somewhere else to find what I need. NO! I have it all here, now (remember the World card). On another level I could also take it as resistance to moving on, not wanting to cross rivers, or perhaps not daring to break new land. 4 of Coins: Clinging. The 4 is not a big number, so clinging to the stability and comfort of smallness, not wanting to come out of the comfort of confinement. 

And last: An actionable step, represented by the 2 of Wands. Isn’t it beautiful that we can see a hand holding the World! This connects to the first card indeed, but with another aspect: Walk small steps. Remember yourself, remember WHY.

I hope you will enjoy this spread as much as I did!


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