Life’s A Journey Spread

By Pyronik

Illustrated above using the Mystic Mondays Tarot by Grace Duong

A tarot deck is split into 2 arcana, the major and minor. The Major cards in a deck can be said to represent the big picture, or the major influences in your life. In this spread I’m choosing to see them as the main stepping stones on our journey. The minor (suit) cards are then the everyday actions and events that carry us between these stepping stones. This spread splits the deck with card 1 drawn from the majors and cards 2 to 4 drawn from the minors.

Card 1 = the destination. Where am I heading? This is our big picture card as described above. Some (like the Magician I’ve drawn for myself below) are inspiring, empowering, exciting even, and I am eager to find out how to get there. As the Magician I have the power to manifest whatever I desire, and those crystals she holds draw my attention immediately. There is so much more I could be doing with mine.

Thus I’m ready to draw cards 2 to 4 to describe “How do I get there?”

  • Immediate action – Princess of Wands. Time to enthusiastically embrace my creativity and passions. She holds herself with poise and balance. Time to step up to my power!
  • Next steps – King of Cups. Ok, fine. Time to work on mastering my emotions rather than being their slave. More emotional stability would be so welcome right now. Mindfulness and compassion so I don’t get carried away in the energy of the wands.
  • Longer term actions – 6 of Cups. Lockdown has been a long constant drain and I’ve forgotten how to have fun. After finding some motivation and stability it’s time to rediscover my inner child. Play is the order of the day. Merely wishing for the end of lockdown is a forlorn existence. Enjoying the moment as we did as children.

Before I get carried away though, a word of caution. Not all the majors are appealing and not everyone wants to head towards the suggested destination. It might be an uncomfortable place, or it might just be inconvenient timing: “More change? Can I please just get back on my feet first?” I believe that the tarot reflects likely outcomes of our choices and as such we are empowered to make different choices, take different actions, and thus aim towards different conclusions. For this reason I’ve given options for part 2. Either “how do I get there?” or “how do I avoid this?” Use whichever question seems most appropriate.

I hope the spread and my reading have given you something to think about,

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