Tarot A – Z

A = Aces.  I love the aces, they represent the pure energy of the suit.  It can be interesting to get the 4 aces together and look for similarities and differences between them to get a sense of the suits and the deck creator’s views of them. B = Blindfolded.  Read more…

Tarot Tutorial: TABI Membership

Typically we use the first Monday of the month for a Tarot Tutorial that demonstrates some special techniques for working with Tarot cards, but this month we’re using this space to highlight some ways that being a member of TABI can help improve your Tarot skill! Pyronik gives a brief overview of the benefits of TABI membership.

Tarot Tutorial: Practice Readings

Pyronik invites you to the monthly practice questions and explains their part in her tarot journey.

Each monthly Tarot Tutorial will showcase a brief example of a specialized tarot reading technique, allowing us to explore a wide range of approaches. There are a diversity of skills and interests among tarot readers on TABI’s Forum, so expect to see many different voices and methods on display in this space on the first Monday of every month!