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Tarot Tutorial: TABI Membership

Tarot Tutorial: TABI Membership

By Pyronik

Typically we use the first Monday of the month for a Tarot Tutorial that demonstrates some special techniques for working with Tarot cards, but this month we’re using this space to highlight some ways that being a member of TABI can help improve your Tarot skills! Pyronik gives a brief overview of the benefits of TABI membership.

Hello readers! Welcome to the Tarot Association of the British Isles. I thought I’d use this week’s blog post to highlight some of the benefits of membership (a total bargain at only £10 a year).

For me one of the main benefits of membership is access to the forum. I find a major advantage of a forum (over e.g. a Facebook group) is the structure and the ease of navigation. My tarot journey has been greatly enhanced by having other tarot enthusiasts to converse with. There are a wide range of non-tarot topics being discussed as well as all things tarot.
There’s even an area of the forum for new members to say hello and be welcomed to TABI. We’re a friendly bunch!

I’ve recommended membership to several tarot beginner friends based on the forum and the monthly practice questions. What better way for a beginner to get help navigating the expansive world of tarot? You can read my rave review of the monthly practice questions here: https://tabi.org.uk/2020/05/tarot-tutorial-practice-readings/

Let’s also highlight the new member reading. This is an in-depth reading undertaken by one of the Free Readers. It’s a quality reading of professional standard and well worth the joining fee itself. You only get one of these no matter how long you’re a member, regardless of whether your membership is continuous or not.

Members can also become one of the TABI endorsed Free Readers. I’m enjoying being one. A new addition to the TABI website is the “Interviews with Free Readers” section located here: https://tabi.org.uk/free-reading-2/interviews-with-tabi-free-readers/ which reveals people’s motivation
for being free readers. Since this is a new feature, watch for more interviews being added in the coming months.

For me, being endorsed is a great way to show that my readings are of a high quality. Free readers also have a special email address that can also be used for your paid readings.

Possibly of more interest to professional tarot readers are the annual membership certificate and being able to use the TABI logo on your professional stationery and website, although I imagine the special
“endorsed reader” version is more appealing for professional readers who are also endorsed free readers. There’s also the free advertisement on the TABI website: https://tabi.org.uk/professional-
. Remember, you are expected to adhere to the TABI code of ethics: https://tabi.org.uk/about-us/aims-and-ethics/

I’ve discussed the member benefits in the order of their importance to me during my tarot journey. Which ones most appeal to you?

Join TABI here!

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