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Cartomancy: Reading the Cards Overview

Written by: Melanie Clarke / WinterMeudwy

Melanie has used the tarot for many years but recently discovered and developed a love for all things Cartomancy. Here she shares her exploration of this Art with us in monthly instalments. 

In my journey through cartomancy, I found several systems and kept a journal of anything that captured my attention. I have now put it all together and created this document to share with you, choosing keywords for each card. The idea behind the card meanings are around in other places but the keywords I chose and in some cases meanings I changed are mine. Next month, I will start looking at each suit in more detail.

[Here I am sharing it with you as images to suit the WordPress format we use on the TABI blog, but if you would like a pdf copy, please do contact me and I’d be happy to oblige!]

I hope you have found this introduction to Cartomancy interesting and feel inspired to give it a try, it’s definitely a fun way to read and most people enjoy receiving a reading with something they are very familiar with. Please do share any feedback you have and your experiences with using playing cards to read with!

Next month: Card Meanings Clubs

You can read more on Melanie’s blog at: The Cartomancy Witch

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