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Journey Into: 8 of Discs

WRITTEN BY: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The
Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn.

I look at the card and again see a scene in the mountains, something very familiar to me living here in Wales. Still in the forefront of my mind is the preparation for my ML assessment and so this is likely to influence my experiences in this card also.

I also see the 8 discs; the last one not quite finished off with the labyrinth still to be carved. There is an open, bumpy landscape in the background heading towards distant mountains and the weather is looming.

I walk into the card and almost immediately I am in front of the discs. I look at them closely; they are carved in stone with great skill, each exactly like the last and yet they have been hand-made not machine made. The detail and delicacy is amazing the last one is blank. I ask them for a message.

“We represent order and a skill developed through tradition, practice and generations of knowledge being handed down from one to another. There are no short cuts to this skill. However once achieved it is possible to use it over and over easily. The next disk would present you no problem after the past 7 have been so well completed. The message for you and for those who have this card is that you have the skill you need at this time. Trust in your past experience; you do know what you are doing even if you have come to the stage where you take for granted the actions you make which go towards excellence, that an apprentice would have to learn to do. Do not under-estimate yourself – you can achieve that which you desire. Though you may see a great distance ahead of you, where you are in the now is a place of skilful ability and understanding. Improvement on this is natural, as we never stop learning, however trust the foundation you have built for yourself.”

“Thank you.” I say. “This is really useful for me.”

I see the final labyrinth be carved into the stone; first with the drawing guidelines then the chisel working away showing me the seeming easiness of creation before my very eyes.

I walk round the discs and look to the skies, and ahead of me into the immense landscape and views from this point. I am excited; I love this terrain. I can see the clouds in the sky; the threat of heavy rain and storms battling with the blue sky and sunshine that appears sporadically.

I ask the earth for its message for me, as it expands out in front of me.

“We are your foundation – your strength and solidity. We change our form as we desire, to give aspects of ourselves expression. Here we are expansive and wide, far seeing and open; in this symbol you have the skill to see things as they are and see a good way into the distance before you.
However you need your skills to cross our terrain and not get lost as the weather changes. You will need to know what direction your destination lies. We do not make the journey for you, just provide the backdrop to the scene for you to express yourself. You have all choices; all directions are
possible for travel; where do you want to go? We will support you where ever that is but if you leave your decision and do not make your choice, your pathway is likely to be circuitous until you learn to be decisive and create your own reality, your own journey. You can do anything – but what
you do matters; it will define where you go.”

“Thank you I see you express freedom of choice and the ability to make decisions.”

I look to the mountains.

“What do you have to say here?” I ask.

“We are your ambitions, your dreams, what you wish to achieve. We are accessible if you decide to follow us. Choose which one you would like to start with and head to us; each step will take you closer.”

“Thank you.” I say, I look up at the sky and ask the clouds for their message for us here.

“We are the emotions that come and go as you go forward on your journey. We can threaten your path as we arise in the form of rain and storms, like pain and tears. You may want the sunshine all the way, however by allowing the tears, your path is fertilised and can grow great fruits, plants and beauty before you throughout the whole of your journey not just at your destination. When you have skill in this terrain you will see us coming and understand the need to take action to be able to go with us. In the outdoor world you check you have your compass and map out. Put on a raincoat and take some bearings before the clouds come right down into fog and obscure your view of your destination. Trusting in these tools you walk forward through the fogginess and know you will attain your goal and that the weather will clear in its own time. By not resisting, even these parts of
the journey are beautiful, alone, with great misty effects, as trees, mountains and hills come in and out of the mist. The atmosphere taking you to higher heights. So this analogy works for your inner world; allow yourself to feel the periods of grief and sadness coming; prepare your space; take time out and allow yourself to feel your feelings whilst knowing you are still on your path. You need not fear it will never get better, for it will always turn around. Use your emotional skills, as you allow feelings to flow through you unhindered.

This card comes to say you can allow yourself to be as you are, and that you have the skill to work through anything that comes up for you emotional, practically or mentally. Your experience in life will have shown you how to best deal with anything that happens at this time. Trust yourself; you have a good grounding and solidity in yourself. You can rely on this to get you through.”

“Thank you,” I say. “This is most enlightening.”

I speak to the blue sky.

“I am the joy and pleasure that is also part of the journey – do not resist the joyful times for fear you are missing something and being distracted off your path. Joy is an equal part of the journey for you. Allow it to flow through you also; your skill in dealing with all things can be trusted to allow you to experience pleasure to its fullness too, and not to be taken off your higher goal by it, as you

may fear. All is part of this journey, just do not cling to any particular ‘weather’.”

“Thank you. This is a good message here.”

“What if you are reversed?” I ask.

“Then the person is not acknowledging skills they have and is denying they can cope with the situation around them. Actually all the skills are there, there is only a habit of panicking and not choosing their destination, that is holding them back. To right the card come out of victim mentality and take charge of the situation. Decide where you want to be ultimately and trust that you have the skills to make the journey, even if it takes a while to get there. Make plans and start on the journey. It may be helpful to recall situations you have previously been able to get through successfully and
see that you do have more experience now you have learned from these situations.”

“Thank you.” I say.

I love this environment and I play here a while, noticing where I am and where I want to be. Then, after a while of this, I continue on towards the mountains in the distance. I know I will get there. I feel I can enjoy the wonderful plants and views around me as I do.

I also know I will not reach the mountains in this card journey but in another. I allow myself to walk out of the card through a doorway in front of me – knowing I can return at any time to continue my journey and that I will meet the mountains in a future card.


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