The very consultant and writer for the booklet to Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition – Diana McMahon Collis is taking us on a journey to explore the Tattoo Tarot Deck in great detail.

I was quite relieved to turn over a Wands card this month, since the dominant minor suit this Autumn seems to have been the tricky Swords. But the tarot never lies – and the move to the more positive frame of mind, that last month’s Ace of Cups and this month’s 3 of Wands reflect, is no accident. Like many people, I don’t find the cooler months the easiest. Whilst, technically it’s still autumn here in the UK, many of the leaves have already fallen, leaving bare branches on the trees; we now start losing daylight soon after 4 pm – and I feel the need to get near an artificial heat source earlier and more often!

The Wands are, of course, fiery cards, evoking, by their element association, everything to do with heat and light. To me, the 3 of Wands is especially upbeat, which is well shown in the Tattoo Tarot version. The three, upright wands appear almost in a little dance together, with swirly, red and gold ribbons enwrapping and cascading around them.

There are some interesting patterns in the way those lively ribbons fall. There is not quite a yin-yang effect, because the larger, curly ribbons do not appear as opposite coils that interlock, like imagined, female/male energies. But there’s perhaps a hint of yin-yin or yang-yang, in their shape and arrangement! Some people might see serpents there, too, but there is a fluidity to them, rather than a sense of impending threat from a spitting snake! There is also an echo of the infinity symbol or figure of eight, across the centre of the card. The official tarot symbol term is lemniscate. Bit whichever term you prefer, the vital idea with this is the cycle of life – and the notion that what comes around goes around. Or, what you reap, you sow.

Three of Wands is a card of investment – of focus and energy, time and money. If we put in, we get something back. Of course, how much we can invest is usually limited in some way. Personally, my spare time has been limited, lately, by ongoing work commitments. My energy and focus have been limited by a few extra health challenges, which I have needed to invest more time and money in taking care of. The figure 8 in this card reminds me of an elastic band – it can stretch, but there is tension if it goes too far. If I say yes to everything requested of me and to all the invitations that come along, I will sooner or later have too much in my diary and my elastic band may flop and cave in, or snap!

I have invested in ‘medicine’ – Vitamin D and chiropractor visits – and positive focuses, including working through a course that helps to highlight the positive and turn down focus on the negative. Given that humans naturally have a negative bias, it seems a worthwhile endeavour – and it is extra supportive in the darker months, when it’s important to keep the spirits up,
little niggles can seem like huge calamities sometimes! For a while, I have felt grumpy about the functionality of my website. Keeping up with its changing needs feels uphill – although at one time it seemed to be ticking over nicely – a 3 of Wands theme, with ‘established strength’ one of its key phrases. Such strength can suddenly be reduced though – perhaps more obvious if the card appears reversed. My website was responsive on all platforms but recently it has stopped loading properly on mobile devices – decidedly unhelpful in this day and age! So I might take the advice of other booklet phrases for this card: seek ‘safety in numbers’ and ‘create more success through business co-operation’. In other words, I think I need to hire a techie to help me. It’s the sort of thing I would typically be nervous about, perhaps worrying about such things as: what if we didn’t agree easily, or the service was too costly, or the person promised things but ended up not delivering? I’ve heard a few horror stories from friends, and I am anxious not to make the same mistakes! But something in this card tells me it’s time to trust in pooling resources – and have faith that it will all work out. My task here is a nice, Wands-based one – to dance with life and let it take its new shape. If I put in focus and time to find a creative, vibrant person who loves building mobile sites and apps, my ship might well come in!

The Tattoo Tarot: Ink and Intuition set includes a full colour booklet, RRP £14.99. The deck’s success means that publishers Laurenceking.com have currently sold out of the first print run in stocks direct from their site, but Amazon still have stocks and there a direct link to Tattoo Tarot at Amazon via my website https://mindbliss.co.uk/ (which currently loads best on laptops!) Alternatively, you can be added to the waitlist for the next edition, to be published in the near year, from https://www.laurenceking.com/product/tattoo-tarot/

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