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Review: The Creativity Oracle

The Creativity Oracle by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Reviewed by Jennifer

The name of the deck/book/productThe Creativity Oracle
The author and artistAmy Zerner and Monte Farber
The publisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
The recommended retail price£33.99
The ISBN978-07643-58999
Date of publication and republication where relevant2020
The Tarot system (TdM, Rider Waite, Thoth etc)Oracle
card stock, card sizeGood quality card stock – 12 x 9 cm
Art styleFabric
InclusivityA wide range of creed and colour are interwoven within the images making them diverse and truly delightful.
About the author/artist. Other decks/products in their portfolioHusband and wife team for over 40 years, bringing us gems like The Enchanted Tarot, The Enchanted Love Tarot, The Lovers Guide to Dating, Mating and Relating, Karma Cards, Chakra Meditation Kit, The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit, Astrology for Wellness, The Enchanted Spellboard, Instant Tarot and The Psychic Circle.
Country of originChina
Packaging/guidebookSturdy Box and glossy 111-page guidebook
The Creativity Oracle box and guide book

From custom couture to creative art, New York based husband and wife team Amy Zerner and Monte Farber have designed for us The Creativity Oracle. Amy’s love of fabric and art shines through with this beautifully crafted oracle deck created alongside her intuitive counsellor partner, Monte.

Sampling of Creativity Oracle card fronts

Arriving in a deliciously adorned magnetically fastened box, it opens out to reveal a glossy full colour guidebook and the 80-card oracle deck. The images on each deck have been made from a wide variety of exquisite fabrics, all pieced together to make intricate and detailed tapestry-collaged paintings. The colours pop and the images look as though they should feel like the fabrics they’ve been created from but are instead smooth and glossy which inspires you to imagine the textures of the original art pieces; the cards are edged in gold which sets the images off beautifully.

Close up of Creativity Oracle card textures
Creativity Oracle card gilded edges

Despite their size, they are easy to shuffle and handle. Each image looks as though they could tell a thousand stories and on the reverse side are the cards messages (i.e. Passion, Delay, Happy Accident, Beliefs, Manifestation) in large, easy to read print. Each card is numbered to correspond with their enhanced meaning within the guidebook. The jointly written guidebook starts with an introduction to using the cards and has some spreads illustrated to use with them too, followed by the detailed descriptions of each of the 80 oracle cards. The cards feel like they are dual purpose: you can read the short meaning on the back or intuitively read the collage images themselves to create deeper illuminating readings.

Creativity Oracle card backs: Collaboration, Details, and Precision

The cards are beautifully designed and thought out and can be as easy or complex to read as you desire. Designed to inspire your creativity, to help you rediscover the real you and your inner child. This oracle deck is suitable for beginner or experienced reader alike, they are a charming set of oracle cards to enchant, guide and inspire magic makers the world over.

“Together they’ve made their love for each other a work of art and their art the work of their lives.” – Back cover of the guidebook

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