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TABI Conference Speaker Profiles: Rashunda Tramble

Which card would you choose to describe yourself, and why? (If it is deck-specific, which deck would it be from?)

My birth card is the Hierophant. Initially, it was very, very difficult developing a relationship with this card as it represents, among other things, “establishment”: something that gives me the heebee jeebees. But when I moved away from my home country and culture, I realized the importance of the Hierophant’s other qualities: heritage, knowledge, being part of a group. The Hierophant showed me why I shouldn’t take these for granted. The card also helped me (is helping me) see that I – possibly, maybe, perhaps – can teach others through my life experiences.

I particularly like The Cosmic Slumber Tarot’s (Tillie Walden / Liminal 11) take on the card: “The Hierophant’s keys can unlock your next steps and in turn be passed to those that follow”.

When, how, and why did you start to use the tarot?

I’ve always had an interest in spirituality and esoteric topics, but I started reading tarot cards in the mid-90s when I was a reporter for a mid-market television station in North Carolina. I was doing a story and one of the people I needed to interview was a Reiki practitioner and Tarot reader. She wouldn’t do the interview until she’d read my cards. I can’t remember everything about the reading, but I do remember being intrigued by the symbolism of the cards and how they reflected various aspects of my life. My first deck (“Renaissance Tarot” by Jane Lyle and Helen Jones) was actually a prop for the story. I bought with the intention of turning it over to the station’s creative department and getting reimbursed, but when the time came to fill out the paperwork, something in my mind said, “Keep it”.

I use the tarot to dig into my subconscious and “my story”, using images and archetypes as prompts to help discover why I think the way I think and do the things I do. It helps me stay vigilant and aware of the whys, hows and what ifs.

Please give a short bio of yourself. You could include family, hobbies, work, pets, achievements, favourite food/movie/music, tarot… whatever you think is good to know about you!

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and live in Zurich, Switzerland. I have a BA in Film Production and an MA in Creative Media Practice. Besides being a professional tarot reader, my career background includes radio / TV journalism and corporate communications. I’m a Reiki Level III practitioner and a member of Mensa. Oh, I also received my make-up artist diploma in 2019 (at the ripe old age of 49).

Please give a short summary of what you are going to speak about at TABI’s Online Conference!

The Tramble Tarot Toolbox: A Collection of Self-Help Spreads for F*cknut Times

I’ll share a couple of spreads and tarot-based thought processes for the crazy periods in life: divorce, death of parents, health issues, self-esteem issues, financial issues, etc.

Rashunda Tramble

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