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TABI Conference Speaker Profiles: Barbara Moore

Which card would you choose to describe yourself, and why? (If it is deck-specific, which deck would it be from?)

There was a time when I could answer this question with confidence (Hermit with aspirations toward Temperance). These days it doesn’t feel so simple. A practice that has taken the place of identifying personally with one card is working with a card as my Guide during a phase in my life. These phases can last months or weeks, whatever and however long it is needed. For instance, nearly a year of working with the Star saved me during a very dark time. The Empress stood by my side when I needed to embrace my own power. Currently, and somewhat uncomfortably, the Wheel is my traveling companion, and I’m learning to keep my balance when things are chaotic.

When, how, and why did you start to use the tarot?

While in college, I blended history, literature, art, science, psychology, mythology, etc. together. I loved finding patterns running through each discipline that reflected patterns in other disciplines. This foundation was the preparation to see the power and potential of tarot. During this time, a friend brought out a deck (with no book) at a party. Looking through the cards, noticing the structure and the images, it felt like I was holding something that somehow held all the wisdom that humans needed to access. And so the journey began.

Please give a short bio of yourself. You could include family, hobbies, work, pets, achievements, favourite food/movie/music, tarot… whatever you think is good to know about you!

Tarot has been a major part of my life for over thirty years. Due to my very good fortune, I’ve been able to work with fantastic artists to create decks, to write books, and to teach internationally. My very first big teaching gig was at TABI in 2010! I was pretty green then but ten years of teaching experience since has me on solid ground. I know myself better so I can give much better.

I love good audio book series, particularly if they have a great narrator. My two very favorite are the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters and the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

Reclaiming my inner artist has been a joy, particularly through drawing and watercolors. Lately,though, I’m obsessed with book making.

I love popcorn and Slurpees from 7/11. I’ve played the game Magic on and off for over 20 years. I am a devoted aunt to my young nephew and niece who have stolen my heart.

Please give a short summary of what you are going to speak about at TABI’s Online Conference!

Comparing the RWS, Marseille, and Thoth decks

The Rider-Waite-Smith, the Marseille, and the Thoth tarot are three major decks that have influenced modern tarot. During our time together, we will compare and contrast these three decks from the point of view of modern usage (meaning we will not get into history). While we can certainly use any of these decks any way we wish, it is interesting to notice how they were designed to be used and are read differently by their various practitioners. We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of each deck and each reading approach. You may discover new approaches to apply to your deck of choice or you may be inspired to try a different style of deck.

Barbara Moore

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