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TABI Conference Speaker Profiles: Monica Bodirsky

Which card would you choose to describe yourself, and why? (If it is deck-specific, which deck would it be from?)

I think I resonate with the Magician card in the Shadowland Tarot most.

When, how, and why did you start to use the tarot?

I began at the age of 10 when a friend named Louise gave me a pack of cards she received at Christmas but didn’t want. I was thrilled and thought they were mysterious and wonderful and started with them right away. Although I didn’t have any guidance and there were no instructions, I sensed they held secret knowledge and was eager to learn how to use them and practiced pulling cards every day. Because I was drawing from a very early age I found the pictures on the tarot cards enabled me to read with them until I read books by Arthur Edward Waite and others about the history of the cards. Sadly, this deck was a terrible knock-off of a Rider Waite Smith deck and as I grew older I bought a better quality and then more decks and the collecting continued. There are so many nuances and layers to tarot, it never gets boring even 50 years later.

Please give a short bio of yourself. You could include family, hobbies, work, pets, achievements, favourite food/movie/music, tarot… whatever you think is good to know about you!

The name Monica is Latin for advisor, the name Irene a Greek name for peacekeeper and Bodirsky is from the root Bodir, a tiny village outside of shiraz in Iran. ‘Sky’ is added as a Slavic ending to the name as a reminder of where it originated. I am an artist, author and a walker between the worlds who loves to create tarot and Lenormand decks as tools to empower people on their journey of self-awareness and growth. I live in a tiny city house in Toronto, Canada with a small witches garden and a tiny cabin out back. I study herbalism, am a divination specialist, teach a coven of witches, and have taught at an art and design university for ten years. I love coffee and used to play in a band in the 80’s called Death and Taxes.

Please give a short summary of what you are going to speak about at TABI’s Online Conference!

I will be sharing my experience with shadow work and mixing divination systems. In this workshop we’ll focus on Lenormand and tarot and how using them together can provide in-depth answers and clarity you may not experience with each deck separately. I’ll share information about how to work with and integrate your shadows from both the Jungian perspective as well as my own spiritual experiences within the shadows. I’ll demonstrate the House of Shadows layout so you can explore your shadows. I will be using the House of Shadows 5th edition Lenormand as well as the Shadowland Tarot deck for this workshop. Remember to bring a journal as well as a Lenormand and tarot deck.

Monica Bodirsky

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