by Dr. Harmony and Tatiana Hassan

US Games, 2022
‎ISBN: ‎ 978-1646710652
RRP: £24.00

The deck includes 55 cards (five suits of 11 cards), a spread template and a 105 page guidebook, which includes an introduction, three spreads, and a description of each card.

The deck is based on the personal development methodology created by Dr. Harmony, which you can read about online:

Dr. Harmony’s system draws on Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Theosophy, numerology, alchemy, and traditional Chinese medicine. Exploring the deck with no familiarity at all with Dr. Harmony’s ideas, I gathered that to use it in the way it was intended I would need to believe, or at least accept, the following statements:

  • I have lived multiple previous lives, and may need to heal from traumas experienced in those lives. I will meet people in my current life who I have had relationships of various types (‘soul contracts’) with in previous lives. Each person I encounter in my current life is someone I’ve previously made some kind of agreement/appointment.
  • I have a ‘twin flame’, or ‘other half’, who will provide me with ‘[my] strongest mirrored reflection’. I have already made a commitment with this person on a ‘higher plane’.
  • Establishing a physical connection with this person, ‘[my] greatest teacher’, will ‘help [me] find real self-love and align with [my] life purpose’.
  • I may encounter ‘false twin flames’, who well help me clear my soul in order to align with my ‘true twin flame’.
  • Part of my life’s work is to balance my ‘masculine energy’ (‘strength and emotional stability’, ‘taking personal responsibility’) and my ‘feminine energy’ (feelings, intuition, asking for help, ‘receptive mode’).
  • I have a ‘soul body’ as well as a physical body; the seven energy centres of this ‘soul body’ can be blocked by ‘dense energy’ and require regular maintenance. This soul body has ‘spiritual DNA’, which has something to do with the pineal gland and violet fire.
Unless you’re already familiar with Dr. Harmony’s very complex and detailed belief system you may find this deck challenging, though not impossible, to understand and use. Tatiana Hassan’s art is lively and colourful (she is a dancer and choreographer, and this comes out in her painting), and the square cards are a pleasure to work with.

It would certainly be possible, if you’re not 100% on board with Dr. Harmony’s belief system but find the artwork appealing, to work with this deck (or a subset of it) as you would with a regular oracle, using the card descriptions in the book and the text on the bottom each card to derive meanings in a spread. It could be a good deck for someone looking for some daily spiritual uplift and encouragement. But to get the most out of it you would need to already be working within Dr. Harmony’s belief system, or interested in learning about and engaging with it.


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