Become an Endorsed Free Reader

Everyone who has been a member of TABI for at least two months, and is active on the forum, is eligible to join TABI’s Free Readings Service and become a TABI Free Reader. This involves providing free e-mail Tarot readings via the TABI website. After successfully completing a minimum of 25 readings under the supervision and guidance of a Mentor, the reader gains the status of TABI Endorsed reader and is eligible to deliver unsupervised free e-mail readings to the public.

TABI Endorsed readers are also entitled to display a special TABI ENDORSED READER logo on their professional stationary and website. They are also entitled to undertake paid readings at TABI events.

No charge is made for these e-mail Tarot readings and no payments are made to the Free Readers. TABI offers this free service as a contribution to the Tarot world and to provide an opportunity for its readers to practice giving e-mail readings.

The application process is administered on our forum, and involves answering some basic questions and completing a sample reading. Readers are not usually required to have undertaken any prior training with TABI and an application to become endorsed may be submitted on joining TABI. The Endorsement process itself provides plenty of opportunity for practice, however a reasonable standard is expected on application as it is a mentoring process rather than a teaching situation with mentors offering a lot of advice at the beginning of the process and less as it unfolds. For more details on the Endorsement process, check out the FAQs here.

TABI does also offer a tarot training course. This is not a requirement for the endorsement process though a good course for skill development.

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